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Lennox Head Family Christmas 2019


     Family Christmas        celebrtation!  


    December 23-

      December 28 2019 


        Boulder Beach Surf Shack

     1 Rocky Point Road, 

    Lennox Head, NSW 

Family Christmas 



Given the amount of family members this year, we have been getting creative with our sleeping spaces. Most of us will be staying in 'glamping' tents in the backyard of the Boulder Beach Surf Shack, with a few occupying the rooms in the house. While the rest will be in nearby accommodations. Look out for a welcome email with your specific details about where you will be hanging your sun hat.


Glamping includes:

  • Canvas Tent

  • Mattress 

  • Linen

  • Doona

  • Blankets 

  • Pillows

  • Cushions 

  • Chair

  • Side table

  • LED lantern

  • Fan

  • Floor mats

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